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To Cause A Change: The Philadelphia Experiment
An Experimental Musical Exploration of Climate Change and Socio-Economic Systems

About this web:

Our original webpage first published on Christmas Eve 1994. It was one of the first webpages published on the world wide web.

This website was established by a diverse group, including musicians, writers, computer wizards, businessmen, videots, and individuals with a keen interest. We named this collective effort “The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment.”

PHILADELPHIA? Frustrated with outdated systems and unsuccessful attempts to change them, we chose to take action — perhaps in the spirit of our forefathers?

SPIRIT? The aim of the spirit experiment is to leverage R&D (research and development of business/art/science models) to directly contribute to preserving mankind. Can we help reintroduce the “kind” into mankind by replacing formalized formulas? Our goal is to infuse life with spirit.

Our climate model employs chaos theory to comprehensively consider human impacts and projects a potential global average temperature increase of 9℃ above pre-industrial levels. Global warming is a consequence of elevated thermal energy in the climate system, which comprises various subsystems. Chaos theory underscores the intricate and nonlinear nature of dynamic systems. Human well-being is compromised above a 1.5-degree temperature rise, rendering much of the Earth uninhabitable. A 9-degree Celsius increase would bring the Earth close to a wet-bulb temperature incapable of sustaining human life.

What Can I Do? There are numerous actions you can take to contribute to saving the planet. Each person bears the responsibility to minimize pollution, discontinue the use of fossil fuels, reduce consumption, and foster a culture of love and care. The Butterfly Effect illustrates that a small change in one area can lead to significant alterations in conditions anywhere on the globe. Hence, the frequently heard statement that a fluttering butterfly in China can cause a hurricane in the Atlantic. Be a butterfly and affect the world.

What you can do today. How to save the planet.

A RADICAL APPROACH? Our approach draws on past experiences to make the present count for tomorrow -- a radical notion, albeit one focused on positive change.

This concept is put into action (or lack of action) through music, publishing, business, moving pictures, and more. The original idea gained popularity, leading to the development of a domain centered around altruism.

Whether you choose to participate or simply educate yourself, we hope your time here is enjoyable at The Membrane Domain.

The web is an extension of our dynamic approach — it is alive. Each visit can offer a completely different experience. Please feel free to explore as often as you like. If you encounter bad “links” or spelling errors, we appreciate your feedback.

Should you need assistance during your visit, click on PANIC! / PANIC! to connect with a human. Regardless of your issue or question, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your attention. We hope you grasp the essence of our intentions. If you’re ready, enter the Lyon’s Den — the labyrinth of the Membrane Domain.

C. Moore

Created by: brouse and sidd [24 December 94]

All text, sights and sounds 1994 The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

"You must not steal nor lie nor defraud."