I Am A Philosopher
(Or, At Least I Try)

"Philosopher -- a person who meets all events, whether favorable or unfavorable, with calmness and composure."
-- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

A particular event has become of interest -- the extinction of humans. This area of interest developed over a long period of time... after other philosophical endeavors revealed that the event could happen. (My hope... is that the collective soul of humans can prevent it from happening... as it is our collective soul that is the problem.)

Further investigation and testing revealed that the event could take place within the next 99 years. This was a very unfavorable finding. Instead of ignoring the unfavorable, I've attempted to view it with calmness and composure.

To say it is an unfavorable finding, may be understating the problem. It is a devastating finding. This point is driven home by looking at two other experiments.

1) an experiment is being conducted on a sample population of senior citizens asking them about the purpose of their life. What event made you the happiest? What made your life worth living?

2) an experiment is being conducted on a sample population of all ages asking them if they could foresee in the future... a point in which humans became extinct.

The combined results of these studies led to the mission statement / goal of kingarthur.com

Our combined mission is to make sure that our children's children's children have a planet to occupy.

That is to say:

Can you guess how people responded to the 2 studies?

1) the "best" event in almost all senior's studied -- interacting with their grandchildren (through their own children.) When I realized this, I made it my own personal goal in life. I made it the purpose of my Earthly life. What did I want to leave behind when I died? What did I want to leave to the kids?

I choose the possibility that: anybody's children... that everybody's children... should have the opportunity to enjoy their grandchildren.

2) the study on human extinction. 100% of the sample population could foresee situations that would cause the extinction of humans within the 3 generation period required to meet my goal. [although some answers were due to a natural disaster (like a meteor hitting the planet) almost all answers were due to self-annihilation... aids, pollution, weapons of mass destruction, global warming, anti-biotic resistant strains of illness, etc.]


Soooo devastating to me that I am attempting to be open-minded to any possible solution... open minded to listening to any idea. Thus, the relevance of some of the religious experiments being conducted.

The Listening Deficit Experiment

For quite some time, we have also been conducting spirit experiments. An experiment that is likely the most interesting to me is the Listening Deficit Experiment. How many humans have a listening deficit?

When it comes to hearing God, 99.999% of the sample population has tested positive for a listening deficit. I could find quite a few people that say they talk to God. But, I could only find one person that says they listen to what God tells them to do. Do you listen to God?

The Golden Rule's Social Justification is not meant to be a religious study. It is an economic study... that applies to life on Earth. The experiment was set-up that way on purpose... as one type of proof. However, it is not the only experiment that we are running.

The Golden Rule may also apply to religion. What happens after life on Earth if you do not obey the Golden Rule? You go to hell? Or, at least you don't get into heaven? Unless... you can be forgiven for your Earthly sins?


But, that doesn't answer what happens during your life on Earth.

That is why... when I found the devesting conclusion of The Golden Rule's Social Justification... that I attempted religious appeals -- a "debate" with God where the human listens more than he/she talks.

The Results of the Debate

Q: God, why would you do this to us? I thought you promised you would never do this again?

A: the "promise to Noah" and the rainbow you refer to are not at issue. This is not God's doing. Humans were given freewill. Should humankind decide to wipe itself out, it will be due to the freewill of humans. the promise has been made from God to humans. but, have humans made the same promise in return? Have humans promised that they would not wipe themselves out?

Q: Can you just use me as an example? Instead of the extinction of all humans, can I accept their responsibility?

A: Been there done that. What makes you think it would work out any better this time?

Q: Aren't there any humans worth saving?

A: At this point in time, no adults come to mind.

Q: Can you just take me away now? WAIT!

No adults...
What about the children? Can I stay to help... no matter how miserable it gets... can I stay until all the children are cared for? How will I manage all the resources that will be needed?

A. Yes. Yes, you have the freewill to go or stay... and, humankind has the freewill to change its course. In the event that humans choose to end their run, the children have been planned for... but, you are welcome to help them, too.

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