Apocalyptic Vision

Apocalyptic Vision MP3

It's like I'm looking down a real long hall ...
there's your car in the middle of the tracks ...
sittin' stalled.

Transition metamorphosisizes me.
Something's comin' to be ... inside of me.
I don't know if I'm liken' it much.
I don't know if I need you ... as my crutch.

... if I'm liken' it much ... will ya be my crutch?

I've got a thing I've gotta get through.
Maybe it's got something to do with you?

There you sit.
Your car's at a stall ...
Engine #9,
is coming down the line.

Just like a tin of a beer can,
you're gonna be crushed ... to a hush.

The human race ... has been put outta place.

performed by:
C. Moore Teetes - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Beer Can
Thadious Whind - Bass
Wally - Guitar
Zoo Lou - Drums

This song was written and recorded live
... exactly as you hear it. No overdubs, mixing, or knob twiddlin'.

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