10 Security Points to Consider BEFORE Connecting to the Internet
by Membrane.com

Every business and non-profit organization should have a WRITTEN security plan in place before individuals connect to the Internet. Every business and non-profit organization should have security training and procedures in place BEFORE connecting their private networks (such as Windows XP, Win2000, NT server, Novel, Apple, Sun, Linux, or Unix server) to the Internet.

Following is a basic list of 10 security points that make a good starting point for a written policy.

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  1. connecting a private network to the internet is not recommended.
  2. be prepared to lose and/or have stolen all information that is on your harddrive. We do recommend a diligent and systematic back-up plan.
  3. turn java, java script, active-x, or any other active webpages off (using your browser's settings.)
  4. turn off cookies (using your browser's settings.)
  5. be extremely leery when installing new software or downloading "plug-in's."
  6. avoid accepting attachments. Ask people to copy and paste text to the body of an email. Word, Excel and other Microsoft attachments are very dangerous. Never accept an .exe, .vbs or .scr file.
  7. any incoming attachments that you do accept should be downloaded to a secure location and scanned for viruses.
  8. your harddrive should be examined for viruses on a regular basis.
  9. avoid attaching other peoples drives or devices into your computer.
  10. try to use the same caution on the internet as you do in your daily business transactions... common sense applies to the internet, too!

BONUS RULE #11: Keep memorized, unique passwords for every account.

Our experience has shown that "stand alone" computers can be the least costly approach to computer security. However, when productivity becomes an issue, we do offer a wide variety of network security solutions.

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