What is a Judeo-Christian?

Many Christians consider themselves as a religion. However, in essence Christians are really part of the Judeo-Christian religion. That is to say -- in order to be a Christian, you must first be Jewish.

Jesus is/was a Jew. The Jewish religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. Followers believe in one God. The word of God was handed down to the early Jews two ways. The spoken word is called the Kabbalah. The written word is called the Torah.

The Torah is almost identical to the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Thus, the Jewish faith is the basis of Christianity. What makes a Christian different than other Jews, is the belief that Jesus is/was the son of God. So, you could say that a Christian is a Jew that believes Jesus was a special Jew.

The New Testament of the Bible is about Jesus' life.

(By the way...
can anyone tell me why more Christians don't celebrate Hanukkah?)

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