4D Experience Experiments

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About The Music
4D Experience Experiments are based on the question:
"If you were going to go on an interplanetary roadtrip, what music would you take for the ride?"

  1. Does sound travel in space?
  2. What formats of recorded music would be best?
  3. Can we make music in space?
  4. How much music would we need for a trip to Alpha Centauri (4.22 light-years)?
  5. Can we create music that sounds timeless?
  6. Can we create music that evolves?

We have experimented with a wide variety of file formats. The top three types are MIDI, MP3 and MP4.


Original Music
Interplanetary Travel
From Fractals to Classic Rocks
Classical Fractal
Chaotic Systems Experimentation in Acoustic, Business, Vortex and Social Environments
Zoocytium To Zythum

More Music

All music is written and recorded spontaneously. Additional content is courtesy of NASA.
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