Offense Sells Tickets, Defense Wins Games

The title of this page is a quote attributed to Vince Lombardi. I remembered it in context of the recent revelations of pervasive spying on internet communications. The agencies deploying spyware are dialling for dollars. They are offensive, in more ways than one. They want to sell tickets, and those tickets are purchased with government grants. Offense is a spectacle, and the spies sell a spectacle of Panopticon, an omnivision as it were, of all that we say and do. Worse yet, they claim to be able to judge our future intent and actions in selling their quest for power.

In response, what is to be done? A strong defense is one answer. Their capacities fall far short of their sales brochures, their reach exceeds their grasp. Strong encryption and sanitary computing can foil their schemes, the more widespread, the better.

More detail to come, watch this space. You will see a google ad at the bottom of this page, if you have javascript and images enabled. Google, and by extension, the spies know you have visited this page. (Actually, with the backbone taps and cookie exchanges, they would know anyway) Now they have one more person to worry about, who could deploy counters to their schemes. I find it appropriate that google ad revenue and google software should help fix the trust google has broken.

"Oft evil will does evil mar."

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