Fractal Creation and Chaotic Acoustics

I am repeating our messages so that others may follow along:

We are looking for an individual interested in helping us in a project.... the project involves fractals and music... if you know of someone, we would appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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  1. specific chaos stuph:

from the webpage featuring acoustic experiments with the chaos theory, we are going to turn the theme song into a multimedia production. see:

part of the vision includes fractal generation to the beat and tone of the music.
(kinda like: the pulsing psychedelic backgrounds of the late sixties)

ideally we could deliver the sound in the form of a wav file and use java to generate the fractals. we would be excellent if the combined piece could be saved as an avi or mpeg

are strength is in experimental music - the philadelphia spirit experiment (

the music in generated in a chaotic fashion... lyrics and tones are produced spontaneously in various non-traditional recording environments... with some rather interesting results

in a nutshell: instead of just "random" noise, there is often an eerie sort-of order. we have been studying possible causes, such as, environment, memory and meta-physical influences.

but how does one go from here? and how does one help "the common man" get a grasp of where we're at? what better way than a picture or pictures? thus the idea of putting fractals together with the sound... and of course, the whole project will likely generate more data for our research

2) the bigger picture - our research:

the membrane domain is a no-income cooperative

our overall goal is to help mankind

as it turns out the website, , has evolved into experiments in chaotic systems that have had little attention... like business models, website growth and social groups created through the internet

the acoustical chaos experiments currently includes 3 physicists, a programer, 2 engineers, a carpenter, a lawyer, a banker, a vagabond, and a philosopher

we'd love to add you, too

are you interested?

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