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What is your purpose?
Why do you bother,
To stay alive?
Do you know,
Where you're trying to go?
Do you?
Do you know,
What you're trying to do?
Do you?

Finding happiness is easy,
Find your purpose,
And, strive...
To make it happen,
Stay alive,
On purpose,
Sharp as a knife,
Live life,
On purpose.

You can suppose, 
And, suppose and suppose,
But, it's better you chose,
To find your purpose.

Why are you here,
Is it death you fear?
What will you leave behind,
Memories of being kind?

It's best you find,
Your purpose,
The sooner,
The better,
In case, life you lose,
Before you choose,
Your purpose.

Choose to find your purpose on purpose!

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