Blooming Idiot

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I just found out,
I'm breeding animals,
It took me about...
All my life.

But, before I grab the butcher's knife,
I'd better figure,
The particulars,
Though it's been said,
I'm a vegetable,
I'm really a meat head,
And, now the buzz --
I'm a blooming idiot.

Yup, that's it,
I forgot to use my brain,
About how I fit in,
The food chain,
Where have I been?
Couldn't I see,
That all this time,
I've been growing,
What a crime!

Ahh, well,
Looks like things still,
Can turn out fine...
If I seek insight,
Into this blooming idiot.

Now, I get it.

I just figured out,
What I'm all about,
The blooming idiot.

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